Isolina Maria Silva Cabral Gonçalves. É Professor Associado no(a) Universidade da Beira Interior. Academic Qualifications PhD. In Chemistry (Anaerobic Removal of Textile Dyes), UBI, January 1994 Chemical Engineering Degree , IST-UTL, 1984 Teaching Position Summary Temporary teacher in secondary education, January-March 1984 and October 1984-November 1985 Intern Assistant, Department of Chemistry, UBI, 1985- 1988. Assistant, Department of Chemistry, UBI, 1988-1994. Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, UBI, 1994-1999. Assistant Professor with permanent appointment, Department of Chemistry, UBI, 1999-2008. Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, UBI, since October 2008 Several curricular units in the field of environmental sciences for undergraduate and MSc courses have been taught. Research Activity Summary The research work in the field of the environment was started in the UBI Chemistry Department in 1986, having been part of the Effluent Treatment group integrated in the Paper and Textile Materials Unit (UMTP) from 1991 to 2014. Since 2014 he has been a member of the FibEnTech unit in the environmental research group The main area of the developed research work started in 1985 is related with environmental sciences, particularly in the area of chemical and biological environmental technologies applied to wastewater treatment, mainly in biological treatment applied to textile and paper liquid effluents and also agro-industrial wastes. More recently, solid-liquid waste treatment has been the main interest of the research activity. Some work was also done using membranes and bioadsorption in association with biological treatment.

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Isolina Maria Silva Cabral Gonçalves

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  • Cabral Gonçalves, Isolina

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